Het gaat weer beter met Headhunterz

In ons vorige bericht over Headhunterz & Wildstylez present Project One hadden wij het er al over dat Headhunterz was opgenomen in het ziekenhuis in verband met een blinde darm ontsteking. Momenteel is Willem ontslagen uit het ziekenhuis en zit hij alweer thuis. Vandaag heeft ie z’n website geupdate waarin hij uitlegt wat er precies aan de hand was met zijn gezondheid:

Friday i had to do 2 gigs in Belgium. At the second i started to feel really sick and after an hour of playing i couldn’t take it anymore…
Joram drove us back home. After trying to sleep, wich didn’t work out for me, we went to the hospital and before i knew i was laying there, ready for surgery.
My appendix had to be removed immediately. And so they did.
In Qontrol, that was the only thing spinning trough my mind. Joram and i looked at each other and we knew it wasn’t going to happen. No way…

At that point i realised faith made a decision for us. I did never believe in coincidence, things happen for a reason if you ask me…
I decided to just accept the situation and to stay optimistic.

From then on Joram was on his own and from what i heared he did a great job!

Yesteryday i got back from the hospital. I have to take a full week of rest and at this point i can still hardly walk.

I’m really sorry to say this, but a few bookings had to be canceled since i’m not able to perform in this state. I hope you people will understand.

Helaas voor de fans heeft hij dus, in verband met herstel, een aantal evenementen af moeten zeggen:

24-04-08 – Zanzatraxx Party (Florida Club, Italië)
25-04-08 – Temptation (Veenendaal, Nederland)
26-04-08 – La Locomative (Parijs, Frankrijk)

Wij wensen Headhunterz veel beterschap toe!

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KeV 23-04-2008 @ 16:47:27

Zeker jammer dat ie r nie was!!!

gelukkig gaat het nu beter met m



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